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Leather Loafer

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Glove Leather Loafer in Metallic Leopard 
The GLOVE leather loafer fits softly like a glove. In fact, it is made using the strip lasting method, a traditional construction that ensures the utmost softness, flexibility and comfort. Its feminine design and the laser-etched mirrored calfskin leopard print make it perfect for any occasion. The Giusti sisters are betting it will be the season’s best seller.

About the Brand

Passion is a hereditary gene that has guided us in over 50 years of creating footwear. This passion, taste for refined design and artistic sensitivity have remained the same for three generations and still drive us today to search for innovations. Our story starts in 1958 in Montegranaro, a small town in the Marche Region of Italy, where Piero Giusti put down roots and plants the first seed of a factory that is destined to endure over time. The same tie to his origins compels his son Attilio Giusti to continue down the same road divided between artisanship and couture creating elegant and subtle footwear. The tradition of being a family business continues today with the three daughters of Attilio Giusti joining the company: Sara, Vera and Marianna. Softness and the attention for a comfortable fit are the priorities for every AGL creation over the last 50 years and 3 generations.