About Us

We have been your source for one-of-a-kind wares for three generations, and our family legacy is steeped in hard work, sacrifice, and the power of family.


In the early 1900s, our grandfather, Samuel, left Lebanon and set off to America in pursuit of prosperity. His dedication and charm quickly made him a successful businessman in Richmond, VA. Just when he thought that life couldn't get any better, he met our grandmother Dora Hanna, a straight-talking, fiery, young Lebanese woman who shared our grandfather's lofty aspirations. The lovestruck couple married and moved to West Virginia to start a family in the mountain air.

In 1918, our grandparents opened the first Yarid’s in Lewisburg, West Virginia. By this time, our grandfather had gained a reputation as a visionary entrepreneur while our business-savvy grandmother was the backbone of the growing empire.

Our business and family continued to thrive.

In the 60s, Samuel's sons, Eddie and Munir, further expanded the family's influence. They merged the women’s boutique with the men’s shop to create the immensely popular Yarid's department store. Our family name was now synonymous with fine apparel.

Fast forward another generation. After we spent our childhoods playing among the clothing racks and pretending to be window mannequins, we decide that our infatuation with footwear and handbags is the key to the next generation of our family’s success. We have transformed Yarid’s from an extensive department store to a specialized, luxurious boutique chain that is now adored across the nation.