L'Amour Des Pieds
Correz in Black
Discover the beauty of comfort with the Correze from L'Amour Des Pieds. Smoking slipper style with a fun attitude with beautiful stone embellishment. Find all day comfort with the patent-pending adaptable memory foam arch support designed to expand and contract with the contours of your feet. Full sheep nappa lining added for breathability and comfort. Heel Height 1.25 inches.

About the Brand

L'Amour Des Pieds is a French phrase which translates to "the Love of Feet". L'Amour Des Pieds is fondly referred to as LDP.

The story of LDP is quite simple. The designer wanted to create a brand that podiatrists love yet is fashion relevant. Their consumers are inspired by the European woman’s lifestyle. She is any woman that is on the go. Whether it be to the market, festivals, shopping, lunch with friends, weekend retreats, working at home, or hanging out at a café in the afternoon. She wants wearable comfort and style to accessorize her very chic wardrobe.